For the Love of Lisbon

I’ve always wanted to write a blog. I’ve dabbled in the past. But never with much commitment nor actually with any particularly compelling purpose.  So it’s no great surprise these blogs have never taken off. But now, I have great purpose. And great passion! My passion, Portugal. My purpose, to share everything I love about this beautiful old country with people that have not yet discovered what an amazingly rich place it is.  Rich in history, tradition, natural resource, art, literature, music… its reputation as the poor relation of western Europe seems so ironic.

I decided on the name because Lisbon is at the heart of my love for Portugal (and quite frankly, I’m rather partial to a bit of alliteration.)  It’s where my father was born, where my grandmother has lived for 70 of her 96 years and the city that has always felt like home to me.  Although I have not yet been able to call it so…not yet.

A city of antiquated charm, architectural magnificence, nostalgia, extraordinary creativity and hospitality, with the glistening Tagus River running through it and Christ the King looking over it.


It is here that I have learned most of what I know about Portuguese culture and history. Walks through the winding, cobbled streets with my father sharing memories of his childhood in the city that is fast becoming one of the most exciting places in Europe.

deSILVA’s is first and foremost about food, but what excites me about food (beyond the sheer joy of eating it!) is that it opens our eyes to so much more about the place it comes from and the people who produce it.

Portuguese food reveals a country that is blessed with wonderfully diverse terrain and an expanse of Atlantic ocean that envelops its land from top to bottom. This unique combination of land, sea, crops and livestock translates into an abundant supply of amazing foods - olive oil, wine, meat, fish, cheese, bread, fruit…

It reveals a nation of explorers whose 16th century voyages of discovery brought to Europe spices from the Orient, exotic fruits from South America and sugary delicacies from the Moors of northern Africa.

And it reveals a generous spirited people who use food as an expression of love within family and community.

And so, through this blog I hope to be able to give you a glimpse of what Portugal has to offer - not only in terms of its unique and beautiful food, but to inspire you to find out more about this country for yourself.

Go. Explore. Discover. Enjoy.