Swallows over Monsaraz, Alentejo 
Take a closer look at the deSILVA'S logo and you will see that, in amongst the traditional azulejo tile pattern, there are swallows woven into the design. The inclusion of this bird - the andorinha - is an important part of our brand identity. And so, we wanted to share the Swallow's Tale with you. 
Andorinhas have become a true national icon and symbol of the Portuguese people. Ceramic mouldings of the birds have adorned the walls of white-washed homes up and down the country for years. Bordallo Pinheiro, the famous Portuguese artist and ceramicist, frequently featured the birds in flight in his collections and today many modern craftsmen weave the birds' image into their products. 
Why? Andorinhas represent a love for one's homeland and heritage - a national pride if you will.
In times gone by, they were a sign for the homecoming of sailors; the birds always fly close to the coast and so a sighting was was a sign that they were not far from land and home.
An itinerant yet faithful bird, they return year after year to the same nest.  And so it is said that the Portuguese people, in spite of their famous appetite for exploration and discovery, will always return to their homeland no matter what challenges may await them there. 
A brave and agile bird, the andorinha has become a cheerful and romantic representation of a people that stand for hope and freedom.